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I looked at the home page code of the domain you included in your comment and I didn't see the msvalidate.01 meta tag in the on your home page. If you use the XML file method, the XML file must be in the root of the site. Were you able to load the URL yourself in the browser after posting the file? The CNAME method is a little more involved since you have to modify your DNS. One of the other two methos are the easiest. I have many blogs and domains and one of these methods always works. Let me know when you post the meta tag in your or the XML file in the root if you like.

My site is hosted by a Internet Marketing firm (Kutenda). I tried the XML added to the site. It did not verify. I tried the metatag on the front page. It did not verify. I tried the CNAME which DID go to with I entered the But the Bing Webmaster tool still shows my domain "is not verified". I'm at a loss.

Thank you!!!!!! I checked everywhere and was so confused as to how to do this. Your post was so clear and easy to follow. I appreciate it very much.

It always makes my day when one of my blog entries helps somebody!

Thank you for this Betsy. I needed to verify my site for sometime now and put it off until reading this. You made it easy peasy as the kids say. :)

I just checked under CNAME (Alias) settings and I indicated 32 characters (alphanumeric generated by Bing) in the "Host" field and in the "Points to" field. This worked for me.

Same issue as above. Instructions are straight forward, but Zone File Editor will not accept "" it wants an I.P.
Any suggestions?

If you own a domain, you have access to the DNS Manager. No additional fee.

DNS Manager is a paid service! Meaning you have to pay to use it in GoDaddy. Is that right?

Thank you so much for this post. It was so easy to follow, and everything actually worked perfectly! I'm happy. Peace.

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