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And there is still now way to stop these guys?

I did not engage Crowdflower to click on links in Google results to send bogus traffic to the site in question. Now, look at the notice in Google Webmaster Tools! I'm glad the Crowdflower traffic has stopped and I can ignore the message from Google Webmaster Tools.

Read the related article:

Photo of Biewald and Van Pelt, the 2 whose has been sending traffic to your page: [URL removed so as not to promote the photo of the guy sitting at a table of money drinking beer]

Crowdflower has people do things like find email addresses, click on pages of Websites so Google will rank them higher, read tweets about people and report whether the tweet sentiments are positive or negative, etc.

Crowdflower workers are not just at the dingy California office you speak of. Most of them work from Amazon Mechanical Turk, which is a job board.

Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt (Crowdflower) haven't paid workers minimum wage or overtime, and sometimes they haven't paid workers at all, so lawyers sued them last October, and the case is progressing.

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